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Commercial Property - Retail, Office, Rental and Commercial Property Management

Whether you are buying, selling, rental or leasing commercial real estate in the Tampa Bay area we can help. We perform commercial real estate services in the area of leasing, rental and property management for commercial properties as well as representing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay. Bullard currently provides leasing management for several mixed use shopping centers and office building in St Petersburg including the Midcore Retail Garage in downtown St Petersburg Florida, the Feather Sound Square shopping center in the Feather Sound area of St Petersburg and Clearwater and the Feather Sound Place shopping center in Clearwater / St Petersburg Florida.We also perform leasing services for the Bank Of America building at Feather Sound. In addition to handling leasing for these properties we also represent leasing clients and tenants in the Tampa Bay area looking for retail or office space for those properties and buildings that are not managed by us.